Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sorry I have been so MIA... i've been packing and packing and....packing. I moved back up to school for another year and have been none stop! 

I'd thought I'd do a little haul from Sally's. I stopped there on my way home from petsmart today. 

1. Tangle Teezer - this is suppose to be the best detangler brush out there. I have been having some issues with my hair lately and I am excited to try tonight after my shower. I hope that it works like it raves to! 

2. Aphogee Serious Care and Protection two-step Protein Treatment - I have some damage on the ends of my hair due to a curling iron that I have. So I purchased this treatment hoping it will do some repair. I'll keep you updated on this! 

3. One 'n Only Argon Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner - I bought this and plan on applying it in a week or two for an extra conditioning treatment. 

4. Orly Mineral FX collection - Stone Cold - this color is so amazing...can't wait to try this!

5. Orly Basket Case - my best friend recommended this color and i'm excited to try it! 

Look out for some updates with these products and NOTD! 


Thursday, August 18, 2011

HAUL...BABW & Walgreens

I stopped at walgreens and needed a new mascara so I grabbed this one because it was regualry $8.99 on sale for $5.99! I have also wanted this pink Nivea chapstick for a long time so i grabbed that too!
Nivea kiss of shimmer. Revlon DoubleTwist mascara.

I headed to Bath and Body works for some hand soap for my new apartment and they had a few great deals going on! and of course you can't leave with just what you came in for! 
7 Hand soaps (7 for $20)
1 halloween soap
4 fall scents 
2 late fall/winter scents
                          I got this one for halloween month! it is marshmallow scent and so cute!

a free halloween lotion i received from a coupon!

Got this candle 50% off! love the color, i have wanted it for a long is real magenta but doesn't look true to color in the pictures! 

I saw this oil warmer and I could not resist! it is an owl and the cutest thing. I have an oil warmer already but this is cuter then mine and even just using it as a decoration will be adorable! 
I grabbed carmel apple oil to add to my collection and to have for fall! 

Hope you like it! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NOTW... nails of the week!

I was inspired by ...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR... blog. She had done this amazing nail design. Check her out, I love her blog!

I tried this look a week ago and redid them again because i loved it so much! i got so many compliments on them and people didn't believe i actually did them! I used an OPI black...OPI bring on the bling...sephora by OPI traffic. 

I love this look and will use it again for sure!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bed Head vs. Tresemme

Before our departure on our week getaway I told my boyfriend to grab my hairspray and as you can imagine he forgot to grab it. Half way to our destination I asked if he did and said we had to turn around. Haha we did not turn around but the first night there we went to walgreens. 

My all time favorite hairspray is BEAD HEAD hard head, hard hold hairspray. I have used this religiously for 4 or 5 years. It gives an amazing hold, non-sticky finish, and a flawless finish. I always get mine from a professional beauty store so I get it for $10 a bottle. At walgreens it retailed for $19.99, this is a price i would never pay for hairspray unless it was absolutely amazing and did something unbelievable! I will pay $10 for a hairspray that I really love but probably no more then that.

I looked and looked and I wanted something cheap that still looked like it would hold. I tease my hair almost everyday and it is trained lol I swear it really is. I am always able to tease it to the high heavens! People ask how I get it to stay and that high, I tell them I do it so often it really is use to it. So nevertheless I needed something to hold my teasing craziness and resist the humidity as we were going to be outside all day everyday.

TRESemme TRES Two Spray is what I settled on. It was $3.99 so cheap! and the bottle looked professional and sleek. I thought with that price tag there was no way it would really be that great and I thought it would do for this 3-5 day trip then I would just never use it again. Well I was WRONG! It is actually quite amazing! I purchased the 4 out of the there 5 stage hairspray. I was going to get the 5 as it is the strongest, but
I was afraid it would have that grainy stickiness and not be moveable, while weighing down my hair. The hairspray claims to have all day humidity resistance and the 4 is extra hold.

It really does hold all day and resist humidity. It even re-teases the next day for me without washing my hair and not respraying hairspray which I love. It is not non-moveable once applied and your hair does not look "hair sprayed." I really am quite impressed. The spray nozzle is amazing, it is tiny and the spray feels as if you are almost painting your hair and not your average hairspray nozzle. It also smells delightful!

I've been using this since I've gotten home from vacation instead of my favorite hairspray! Definitely going to repurchase this! I even have a TRESemme coupon right now for a $1 off one of their hair products, so $2.99 for a great hairspray, unbelievable! 

Give it a try, who knew! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Glitter and Cupcakes!

Glitter bottles at Michael's for $1. I want them all! 
PS. I always want everything the glitters, i want a whole shelf with these in every color! 

This new brand came out with these microbeads and they are so cool! I'm thinking of doing a framed monogram craft with these!

Love buying these recyclable bags when I grocery shop! they are very reusable and cute

I was feeling crafty after going to Michael's so I thought why not do something I love and make cupcakes.

I just used a box cake to make it easier, I really wanted to decorate more than bake so this is a good alternative. But frosting is a different story, that had to be homemade so I whipped out my kitchen aid and made some pink frosting! 

I used a tip to decorate and created these beautiful rose and flower toppings!

The frosting shows up more white here or cream but it was a light raspberry color.

Little flowers rather than roses on a few of them. Delicious half white half pink cupcakes!

I love baking and crafting! 
Any cute ideas or suggestions!?


Monday, August 8, 2011

NOTD... while in traverse!

Here are my nails while during my little getaway. I wanted to do something fun and elegant at the same time. I thought with being out in the sun and on a beach a hot pink would be nice. I choose China Glaze in Shocking Pink. It is definitely shocking! I then wanted to add a little something extra so I tapped off V's and used Sephora by OPI glitter in Traffic with a touch of OPI's Teenage Dream. I then removed the tape and voila! I loved them! 

just the pink

taping off to get my perfect V 

the final product! 

Do you like an fun nail designs?!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Traverse City!

Here are some pictures from my amazing week get away! 

amazing water! and wine of course! 


my brothers jet-ski that we went on almost everyday! 

amazing fustini oils! and a swarovski ring i bought at a boutique and i love it! 

so much food!

love traverse! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don's Drive In!

My boyfriend and I came to traverse city for a 3 day trip just to get away one last time before i go back to school. Traverse city is seriously my favorite vacation. No matter the places we go how extravagant I always love traverse most. Maybe its because i've been coming here since i was born or that we have so many family traditions, its just a magical place and i love it. Here is one of our favorite parts of traverse, Don's Drive in! If you come to traverse city, don's burgers are a must! 

I'm pretty much a vegetarian but when it comes to don's i eat a burger! Well this trip i had a grilled cheese! haha but we always get a "carload" of fries and everything just taste better as don's. Not to mention they have the best shakes ever! We usually go at least twice if not 3 or 4 times for lunch while we are here, but this trip it was only once since we're only here for 3 days! 

Here are some pictures of my Don's Burger experiences from this trip and some from previous years! 

this is an old photo of my best friend and i about 4 or 5 years ago! 

the inside is so cool... it is all about the 50's! 

what I had this trip! 

outside the restaurant! love the pink?

I am still here in traverse so I will do some daily posts with whats going on! 

If you are looking for an amazing vacation in the summer look no further! and if you need suggestions of what to do here, I have millions!