Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sorry I have been so MIA... i've been packing and packing and....packing. I moved back up to school for another year and have been none stop! 

I'd thought I'd do a little haul from Sally's. I stopped there on my way home from petsmart today. 

1. Tangle Teezer - this is suppose to be the best detangler brush out there. I have been having some issues with my hair lately and I am excited to try tonight after my shower. I hope that it works like it raves to! 

2. Aphogee Serious Care and Protection two-step Protein Treatment - I have some damage on the ends of my hair due to a curling iron that I have. So I purchased this treatment hoping it will do some repair. I'll keep you updated on this! 

3. One 'n Only Argon Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner - I bought this and plan on applying it in a week or two for an extra conditioning treatment. 

4. Orly Mineral FX collection - Stone Cold - this color is so amazing...can't wait to try this!

5. Orly Basket Case - my best friend recommended this color and i'm excited to try it! 

Look out for some updates with these products and NOTD! 



  1. Omgosh I totally got the same Argon Oil treatment! I saw it the last time I was in Sally's, it was only a dollar at the time so I snatched it up! I have yet to use it though.. hopefully it's good!

  2. PLEASE let me know how the tangle teezer works!

  3. def want to know how the tangle teezer works too!! love polish colors :)


  4. I personally love the one n' only Argan Oil products too! I really need to grab one of those Tangle Teezer hair can be so difficult sometimes lol! Thanks so much for sharing your haul!

    xoxo, Ally