Sunday, July 31, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

I bought this lipstick a few days ago at walmart. They were on rollback sale and only $5.00 so I couldn't pass it up! It is the perfect purple pink mauve color all in one. I love the texture and how smooth it is. This is a creme lipstick by revlon and i don't think i've tried their creme line before this one and i really love it. the color is so buildable. i can swipe it once on my lips and have a light perfect pink or darker for the plum to really stand out and i love that. 

love it! 

looks more like the left picture 

this is a medium the purple in it

It does have a tiny shine to it but not too much. I love this line and will be looking at more. The revlon products are usually all great and they are my favorite drugstore lipsticks by far. There was a bright orange that I might have to pick up soon!

Do you have any revlon lipstick suggestions?!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


After the BLU nail fail this week i repainted my nails and they came out beautiful! I am still using my sally hansen growth in a bottle jazz which i will do a review on soon. i bought revlon minted a dew days ago and i love it! it is a beautiful mint color. i then put opi's bring on the bling on my ring finger. 

 minted. bring on the bling.

this is really pretty and looks rich!

easy polish!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


On tuesday night we went downtown to a restaurant called the bistro. i have been there many times and it is delicious and very beautiful. my family and boyfriend came and we had a nice night. the bistro is american food. i had fettucini alfredo and a salad with honey mustard and crumbled blue cheese! 

flowers on my porch! this was before we left for dinner

a sitting area within the restaurant with amazing wall paper 

amazing pasta!

these are my steve madden wedges i wore that night with black skinny jeans and a loose breezy white button up. these are about 4 or 5 years old and i love them! 
BLU sally hansen on my toes!

it was a great dinner. my boyfriend and grandma had the trout and it came out as the whole fish... i love fish but that was a little too much for me! haha

any great restaurants you guys recommend?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nail Fail... kinda!

Walgreens had some of the sally hansen HD nail polish on clearance. I grabbed BLU. it is the most striking beautiful blue i've seen. i was so excited to try it, but it didn't work out so well. i put it on my toes and it looks amazing, although i needed 4 or 5 coats on my toes i didn't mind because they're so tiny! haha

on my nails it took 4 or 5 coats to get the color of the bottle on your nails. this is really a high maintenance polish. then since it takes so many coats by the time one or two dries they're messed up, no one has time to let 5 coats dry when you have things to do!

it also bubbled on my nails if you can see it in the picture above and they are messed up!

beautiful color and definitely has an HD effect but its just for the toes i guess!! 

oh well can't win them all! 

Date Day!

me and my boyfriend have date days every sunday and they go into the night so this past sunday he planned a day. he wanted to go to the bodies revealed exhibit but it closed by 5 so we went to plan b. he took me to a local state park and there was a trail through this forest with wild life. i'm one of the most girly girls you'll ever meet but i love nature and i love animals and getting dirty once in a while. (ps i still made sure my makeup and hair looked perfect while doing it haha) but we did the one mile trial and it was so cute and fun. we saw two deer with their babies and they were about 10 feet from us and it was beautiful in the trail. it eventually came to an observation point and we could see the lake and it was beautiful. 

this is us along the trial just a quick snapshot!

there was an amazing tree that had eroded because of termites and they formed this twisting pattern throughout the trunk of the tree and it was so gorgeous i just loved the pattern. i'm obsessed with trees so i had to analyze this one for about 10 minutes lol and there were beautiful natural flowers blooming like this one.

 see the pattern? amazing!

this is some of the trees in the trail, we were completely surrounded by the forest and you couldn't see out of the trail, then to the far right you can see some of the trail.

how cute is the trail you walk on? 

after the trail we drove around a bit and looked at the beach and park some more then we were ready for dinner. we ended up going to the Real Seafood Co. which is an amazing restaurant. I use to go here for dinner when i was younger all the time with my family. we would drive an hour just to eat there and then drive back home. you definitely have to get seafood there, here is my gazpacho soup which is divine! and one of my favorites. i had the almond encrusted whitefish which just melted in my mouth. our table overlooked a beautiful river and it was at sunset, very picturesque! 

here is a shot from inside the restaurant and these things hang from the ceiling. we sat on the second level where there are only about 5 tables and they overlook the whole restaurant along with the water. 

it was a beautiful day/night, its important to take the time to have dates every week or month to keep things exciting and new in a relationship. if you are ever in the toledo, oh area and need a good restaurant look this one up! 

i look forward to this sunday's date day and i'm planning it! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I went out for a family dinner on Saturday evening. we went to Andiamo's riverfront which is a beautiful italian restaurant. my whole family except one of my younger brothers went, and i have a very LARGE family. we were there a while but i wanted to show a few details of my night! 

my nordstrom diamond studs that i wear daily. they are so easy and match every single outfit. they have enough bling but are still subtle.

i had on this combination which i loved. 

these are my nine west heels that i wore. i have had these for at least 4 years and i LOVE them. they have lasted amazingly. the heel is patent and the shoe is suede. they are the perfect shoe. 

this was my desert for my lean meal selection, but i had some chocolate triple torte too! whoops haha

this cutie is my peanut with his extremely large ice cream cone after dinner, my nephew is the love of my life! 

it was a really fun night with great company. my family and boyfriend mean everything to me so its always a blast when we get together! 


Sunday, July 24, 2011


I love decorating. i'm always looking in the home section of every store and some of my favorite stores are not those of the usual 21 year old. i love homegoods, bed bath and beyond, home boutiques, and target home sections. I also love going to an estate/garage sale and finding old finds and putting a new spin on them. I may start doing some DIY's, well at least pictures of designs i have created. 
Here are some things I love to have in my home! 

love little decorative boxes like this one! they are great for storage but alone make a cute statement piece in any room. i have two of these that i stack on one another and they are adorable!

i also have books everywhere for decorations as well as reads. i love the way books look on a shelf so classy and sophisticated. i love finding the perfect color binding for my collections. 

borders just had a 75% off sale and i grabbed these! i love the pink binding on the novel. the comfort table is a great cookbook and the knot flower book is definitely a keep sake! 

look out for more design things coming! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

NOTW... nails of the week!

This week a saw my essie polish in lilacism and it is a beautiful lilac purple shade. I painted them with this and then added some fun details to three nails on each hand.

I added some nail art to the middle fingers and then painted OPI's happy anniversary! over the lilacism. then on my pinky and ring finger i put glitter by forever 21's love and beauty nail polish.

i've also been using the Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle as a base coat, which i'm planning on reviewing after several days. then i use OPI's start to finish topcoat.

before with nothing except essie lilacism 

Start to finish base and top coat. Nailgrowth miracle base coat 

Essie lilacism. sparkles. OPI happy anniversary! 

Finished product! 

I think they came out beautiful! they remind me of wedding nails for some reason.

let me know what you think! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There are a lot of good blushes out there, but for me MAC blushes are my favorite. this is because all together they make the perfect blush. price, pigment, color range, amount, payoff... are some of the reasons they are so great. here are a few of my favorites from MAC.

left to right: fleur power, darkly my dear (cruella de vil collection), gingerly, posey(cream)

left to right: darkly my dear (cruella de vil collection), fleur power, gingerly, posey
natural light

left to right: darkly my dear (cruella de vil collection), fleur power, gingerly, posey
artificial light

** obviously loved!

so beautiful! 
this is a blush ombre in vintage grape!

top row: them mixed 
bottom row: lighter purple then dark purple by themselves 

These blushes make me happy and are very beautiful! They are so nice on the face and easy to use. If you are starting off in makeup and want good quality and affordable then MAC is the way to go for blushes. I hope you will try one of these and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lip scrubs!

i've always hated when i try to wear a red lipstick or hot pink or even a nude and my lips are less than perfect. i would wonder how to get the died skin off my lips and would rub them endlessly. i never thought the lip scrubs would actually work, but indeed a lip scrub is the trick! i don't know why i didn't think they would work haha and i'm not sure all work as i've tried one and its been a success. the product is 
LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is a sugar scrub and all natural and organic. I went to the store to try it out and the sales woman did it with me. we licked our lips and speared it into them and then licked and swallowed it! its all natural so you can. although you can eat it, when i put it on i lick it off and spit it out in the sink because the idea of eating my dried skin off my lips isn't appealing! 

I take a small amount like this. 

It is very easy and fast to use, doing it before applying makeup or before bed leaves you with creamy smooth lips for the next day! the fact that it is all natural and just pretty much sugar with some oil makes it even better. the ingredients consist of castor sugar, organic jojoba oil, flavour, aurora pink coloring.
thats it!

This scrub makes me want to try my own DIY lip scrub with sugar cane! 
Maybe a DIY sometime soon?!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


like i said in my last post, i rediscovered a beautiful blue sparkly color. It is beautiful and more of a winter color but i don't follow rules like that. the sparkles will become electric in the sunlight. it is by opi and is called DS fantasy and it is a fantasy! haha 

**the DS stands for designer series and i'm not sure where or when i got this but it was a while ago 

how beautiful!!??

over the top of two of my nails i put the NYC 105 starry silver glitter which has blue sparkles in it 

I LOVE IT! this is so beautiful and my nails look so elegant and rich! 
the pictures don't do it justice!!