Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clarisonic review!

i know i'm a little late on the clarisonic band wagon but i though, ehh i don't need one who cares. but after my best friend had got one and she loved it i wanted it a bit more. then when the girl at the chanel counter tried it on me before applying my makeup i really wanted one. so i cracked and bought one at sephora. i got the mia size after the sales women kept trying to get me to buy the face and body one but i used good judgement and got the mia. 

i got the color berry it is a nice pink. berry explains it well i think. it has one speed and was $149.00. it also comes with a tiny sample of the clarisonic cleanser which i like. 

for the amount of money i think it is a good investment. i have used it every night to take off my makeup and i love how smooth and silky it makes my skin feel. i think i might start using it only a few nights a week so my skin doesn't become immune to it?? i'm not sure yet. i love the easy access of it and how it feels on my face. 

would i rebuy it? i think so. it does the job and hopefully it does the all the stuff to my skin that it claims to do! 

if you haven't gotten one you should consider it and if you have let me know your thoughts and the way you use it!



  1. I've never seen on IRL but it looks like it'd be too harsh on my sensitive skin. Are the bristles soft?

  2. @LOVEdodd ... my skin is super sensitive, acne prone, and oily! and this thing has been great. it isn't too harsh i promise, the bristles are very soft even though they don't look it and it leaves my skin feeling like a babies butt! lol you should go to a sephora or big department store and have the lady try it on you to see the after effect... i think you will love it!