Monday, July 18, 2011

things i love

today i was thinking about what i should blog about and i was going to do another review on a product i have been using for about a month now but i thought eh boring not today. so i wanted to blog about some things i love and that make me happy. they are superficial things i guess but who cares. if something makes you happy then that is all that matters. here are some of my superficial loves of the moment/summer!

my michael kors watch and brown thread diamond stud bracelet combo
watch style #5216

opi nail polish in general 

these amazing earrings i just bought at a little boutique in traverse city, mi 
**love little finds like these that make you remember exactly where you were the day you bought them 

amazing estate/garage sale finds in the summer time
**this is a milk glass container i found for $1!!

and of course my all time favorite lip balm... carmex cherry STICK
**has to be in the hard stick or not the same

thats all for now look forward to a nail of the week post tonight or tomorrow... i rediscovered this gorgeous midnight tiny sparkle blue.. love when that happens!

xoxo for now!


  1. loving the mk watch and earrings!

  2. Are you from Michigan?? I used to live there and I've been up to Traverse City a few times :)

    I loooove wearing watches with tons of bracelets, I like your MK!


  3. @ashleigh...thanks!

    @OTLF...yes i am! uh yes traverse city is my favorite vacation spot! where did you use to live?! thanks!