Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NOTD.... nails of the day?!

i'm obsessed with painting nails and nail polish. it never fails that whenever i'm at a store I immediately go to nail polish and want 5 different ones and i already have way too many nail polishes. i usually paint my nails once a week if not two or three times. i actually enjoy painting them and will even chip at them so i have an excuse to paint them again! 

for this look i used Essie nail polish in Pretty Edgy with gold sparkles from an art deco kit just for some extra edge and fun! i love playing around with different ideas on my nails and seeing what i like best. i also left my thumbs plain with no sparkles and the pointer finger with sparkles all over rather then a narrow line down the front of the nail. 

I really love Essie polishes and i'm loving the green this season! 

let me know what you think and if you've tried the green!


  1. i love essie polish! i really want to buy mink muffs.

  2. I love nail polish too! When I saw this I realized that I don't have any green polishes!!

  3. @LOVEdodd... this essie one is so great!! and there is one by opi ... jade is the new black...which is cool too! you have to try the greens!! i love them.