Sunday, July 24, 2011


I love decorating. i'm always looking in the home section of every store and some of my favorite stores are not those of the usual 21 year old. i love homegoods, bed bath and beyond, home boutiques, and target home sections. I also love going to an estate/garage sale and finding old finds and putting a new spin on them. I may start doing some DIY's, well at least pictures of designs i have created. 
Here are some things I love to have in my home! 

love little decorative boxes like this one! they are great for storage but alone make a cute statement piece in any room. i have two of these that i stack on one another and they are adorable!

i also have books everywhere for decorations as well as reads. i love the way books look on a shelf so classy and sophisticated. i love finding the perfect color binding for my collections. 

borders just had a 75% off sale and i grabbed these! i love the pink binding on the novel. the comfort table is a great cookbook and the knot flower book is definitely a keep sake! 

look out for more design things coming! 


  1. I LOVEEE going to homegoods too....when I first purchased my home i was there at least once a week....


  2. Love this post girl!! Do more! Do you have a Kirklands or Hobby Lobby near you? Those are my favorites! Borders is going out of business so they're having great sales but I didn't think about getting cook books! Thanks for mentioning it!!

  3. @Jen... lol i always go even when i have nothing i need which is always a bad idea! they always have adorable things!

    @LOVEdodd...thanks!! i'm glad you love it i will for sure do more home decorating posts! we do have hobby lobby and i'm in love with that store too i forgot to put it in here! borders is going out of business? i did hear that but i didn't know if it was all of them, i might have to go back and get more books!

  4. Love this post honey!!!Finally an interesting post, I am so happy to have found your blog!!!

  5. i love anything about home decor and storage tips. looking forward to more like this!

  6. i love looking at decorating inspiration xxx