Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lip scrubs!

i've always hated when i try to wear a red lipstick or hot pink or even a nude and my lips are less than perfect. i would wonder how to get the died skin off my lips and would rub them endlessly. i never thought the lip scrubs would actually work, but indeed a lip scrub is the trick! i don't know why i didn't think they would work haha and i'm not sure all work as i've tried one and its been a success. the product is 
LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is a sugar scrub and all natural and organic. I went to the store to try it out and the sales woman did it with me. we licked our lips and speared it into them and then licked and swallowed it! its all natural so you can. although you can eat it, when i put it on i lick it off and spit it out in the sink because the idea of eating my dried skin off my lips isn't appealing! 

I take a small amount like this. 

It is very easy and fast to use, doing it before applying makeup or before bed leaves you with creamy smooth lips for the next day! the fact that it is all natural and just pretty much sugar with some oil makes it even better. the ingredients consist of castor sugar, organic jojoba oil, flavour, aurora pink coloring.
thats it!

This scrub makes me want to try my own DIY lip scrub with sugar cane! 
Maybe a DIY sometime soon?!



  1. please review your lush facemask!

  2. I love lip scrubs! My lips are super dry. I just got an amazing lip scrub and lip balm in one from Victoria's Secret. I sometimes make my own from lemon juice and sugar, I use it on my face too!

  3. ..I say "in one" because there is lip balm attached to the top of the scrub.

  4. @ashleighjoan... i may!

    @LOVEdodd... i was going to get the one from VS too! because i saw a review on it and heard it was good but the one at LUSH was even cheaper at $8.95 and organic so i couldn't help myself! but the VS does come with a lip balm!

  5. I always forget I own one of these, I think its cause mine is vanilla and I always seem to want to use it when i dont fancy a sweet taste in my mouth! :P They do work though, as you said! :)

  6. @rachinald... haha i know what you mean, mine is pretty sweet too!