Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nail Fail... kinda!

Walgreens had some of the sally hansen HD nail polish on clearance. I grabbed BLU. it is the most striking beautiful blue i've seen. i was so excited to try it, but it didn't work out so well. i put it on my toes and it looks amazing, although i needed 4 or 5 coats on my toes i didn't mind because they're so tiny! haha

on my nails it took 4 or 5 coats to get the color of the bottle on your nails. this is really a high maintenance polish. then since it takes so many coats by the time one or two dries they're messed up, no one has time to let 5 coats dry when you have things to do!

it also bubbled on my nails if you can see it in the picture above and they are messed up!

beautiful color and definitely has an HD effect but its just for the toes i guess!! 

oh well can't win them all! 


  1. I'm surprised this polish was so poor.. Usually Sally Hansen is a great brand! I haven't tried the HD polishes though. I can't stand when you have to apply coat after coat after coat! Pretty color though :)

    Thanks for the comment and following!

  2. Bummer!! It's such a pretty color

  3. @OTLF...i know! i was so shocked at how sheer it really was! i haven't tried there regular polishes but i have heard good things about them! i know the color is gorgeous, i guess if you have time to let one coat dry then the next and the next it might work out lol but who has time!

    @LOVEdodd... i know!!

  4. I'm obsessed with nail polish O_o sucks the quality wasn't good! It's still a pretty blue tho :)


  5. Ooh that's too bad, but the shade is great though :) ❤

  6. @Natalie... me too! its so bad lol

    @Alicia...i know!